with melissa galt

Nov 7 thru 10

A live 4-day coaching intensive for Interior Designers who are done settling for the status quo in their business, and are ready to scale their business properly and faster than they thought was possible!

Give me just 4 days and I promise you’ll leave with a customized step-by-step 90-Day Profit Plan for accelerated business growth, a reignited passion for your business, the newfound CONFIDENCE that you need to achieve your goals, and the best group of designer besties you could ever ask for.

No more stress and overwhelm, low-quality clients that don’t see your value, skipping the important things in life just to answer emails, or doubting yourself and your abilities — those days will be gone for good.



in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Would you finally make scaling your business your #1 priority?

Important question for Interior Designers who STILL don’t have the business of their dreams despite working harder than anyone else they know:

If there was a way to double your revenue without having to miss out on weekends with your family, sacrifice your weeknights to send invoices and do paperwork, take on boring projects that don’t fulfill you, or juggle 40+ clients at one time…

If you think that you would — welcome.

(For the record - I think that you would, too)

The secret to growing your business isn’t to hustle more, bring on a ton more clients, or level up your skills with more certifications.

And the sooner you believe me about that, the sooner you’ll be on your way to growing your business beyond your wildest dreams!


The secret is to focus on the revenue-generating activities that actually have the power to grow your business.

Here is the Truth:

Spend your evenings and weekends “catching up” on work — from your overflowing inbox, to outstanding client requests, to those items on your never-ending to-do list — yet somehow, despite the hours you spend every single week on “catching up” you never actually get caught up.

Charge your clients on an hourly basis, and spend God-knows-how-long on invoicing and paperwork and chasing down payments every single week.

Spend Saturday nights glued to your computer, a glass of wine in hand, sending out invoices instead of out on a date night, or snuggled up on the couch unwinding (but hey, at least you’re working for yourself…. right?)

Believe that you need to work hard to make money (and even harder than that to make even more money.) The idea that it can be easy is for other peopleyou have to grind.

Often doubt your abilities as a designer and as a business owner, and often wonder if you’re really cut out to own your own Interior Design business.

Look at other successful Interior Designers and think “I would LOVE for that to be me”, but those thoughts are quickly drowned out by the dozens of excuses you have for why that can’t be you.

Take on any and every client that comes your way, even if the project doesn’t excite you, because you’re definitely not in a position to turn work awaywhat if no one else inquires this month??

Spend a good chunk of every day responding to client calls, text messages, emails, carrier pigeons…. you name it! It feels like your clients are always trying to get a hold of you, it takes up so much of your time, and it’s STRESSFUL… but you’ve gotta answer them, right?

Get insanely stressed when your project timeline gets thrown off, even though it’s out of your control, and you dread updating the client for fear of how they’ll react.

Often feel lonely in your business, and don’t have any sense of community around you — it sure would be nice to have some business friends and people to bounce ideas off of, wouldn’t it?

Now before we go any further,
I want you to tell me if any of this sounds familiar.


I’m SO glad you’re here because…

I used to be  exactly  where you are, so I completely get it.

What I need you to know is that you’re on a path towards burnout and resentment, and if you get to that place, there’s a good chance you’ll close your business before you ever see the success you’re dreaming of.

My friend, if you checked off more than 5 of those boxes, then you’re in the right place!

Here’s the good news:

There is a solution to every single one of the problems you’re experiencing, and you can turn things around    FAST.

But before we get into exactly what those solutions are, I want you to imagine a different scenario.

Imagine, instead, running a business that legitimately lights you up — full of stunning projects that feel like a breeze for clients that you adore.

Imagine having a roster of DREAM clients that rave about your services and abilities, who don’t even blink at your pricing, and pay you on time or early for every single invoice.

Imagine having the confidence to double or triple your rates so you can bring more money into your business without working any harder. In fact, imagine working less and making more because you’re working smarter, not harder. (Yes, this really IS possible! It’s not just a saying.)

Imagine spending your evenings and weekends connecting with your family and friends, filling up your cup with the important things, and never missing a big moment in your kid’s life again because — surprise! — you ACTUALLY control your schedule and can take random days off without stressing!

Imagine having a team that you trust handling the ‘busy work’ like CAD, rendering, sourcing, admin, marketing… you name it. Imagine having all of those tasks completely off your plate.

IMAGINE having a set of systems that take care of anything and everything you can possibly automate, a marketing plan that keeps the business flowing in, and a social media presence that uplifts your brand to the status that it deserves so that you can finalllllly relax a little and focus on the tasks that you actually love doing.

Imagine having a rock-solid belief in yourself as a business owner, as a designer, and as a person, and knowing deep down to your core that you are an amazing human that deserves everything that you want in this life, and that it CAN be yours. (And then… imagine going out and getting it!!)

Imagine having a group of fellow designers that you truly consider your biz BESTIES, who have your back and cheer you on, and knowing that you can turn to them when you need support or encouragement.

Or honestly…

Imagine business just not being so flippin’ hard all the time.

Your business is about to Go Beyond your wildest dreams thanks to The Go Beyond Intensive.

Give me just 4 days and I promise you’ll leave with a customized step-by-step 90-Day Profit Plan for accelerated business growth, a reignited passion for your business, the newfound CONFIDENCE that you need to achieve your goals, and the best group of designer besties you could ever ask for.

No more stress and overwhelm, low-quality clients that don’t see your value, skipping the important things in life just to answer emails, or doubting yourself and your abilities — those days will be gone for good.

Instead, you’ll learn how to focus your attention on high-value revenue-generating activities that will actually move your business forward.

A live 4-day coaching retreat for Interior Designers who are done settling for the status quo in their business, and are ready to scale their business properly and faster than they thought was possible!

To take your business further than you ever imagined — surpassing what you thought was possible.

Go Beyond

[ goh bee-ond ]

As fast as humanly possible.

[ in-ten-siv ]


with melissa galt




Welcome to

Hey, I'm Melissa Galt.

With 25+ years of experience running my own successful residential firm, I’ve got the inside experience and know-how you need to take your business to the next level.

I’ve coached thousands of designers just like you over the past 15 years (and counting), providing strategies and tools on how to earn more in less time with less stress.

I created The Go Beyond Intensive because I was tired of seeing Interior Designers throw spaghetti at the wall hoping to see results, and avoiding the important work that needed to be done in their business to move forward. All of the guesswork and distractions weren’t only frustrating them, but stripping them of their confidence.

That’s why at The Go Beyond Intensive, you’ll find a safe and inspiring space for taking strategic action and working on your sticky mindset.

This is an intimate and supportive environment for you to be coached by me while learning through the collective wisdom and real-time problem-solving of the group.

With us at your side to check on your progress and make personalized recommendations along the way, you’ll feel capable of tackling those BIG goals that have always felt out of reach… until now.

Who am I to teach you about scaling your Interior Design business?

"I had 37 projects on the go when I met Melissa and zero work-life balance. Her no-fluff guidance helped me develop the confidence to be more selective about what I say yes to and organize my business processes in a way that supports my true talents.  
Thanks to her industry knowledge and connections, I'm outsourcing tasks I never even realized I could. My revenue has tripled working 40-50 hours as opposed to 100+! 
She's completely changed the way I communicate my value, helping me book bigger, more profitable projects with clients I actually enjoy working with. Melissa genuinely wants to see you succeed.



Meet Erin — She TRIPLED her revenue and cut her hours in half

"The Go Beyond Intensive was the best thing to happen in my life since I was married 10 years ago. Totally transformative!

Melissa and the designers she magically assembles are pure joy. YOU’RE AMAZING MELISSA.

Already so thankful for the difference being made in my business and life happiness. Know that you are appreciated, that the work you do matters, and makes a profound impact on people."

Evelyn Scott

FOWD Interiors

Meet Evelyn — Go Beyond Intensive alum

Requested a $50,000 wire transfer from a client instead of a check — and received $50,000 instantly versus waiting 3+ weeks for the check to come in the mail.

Said no to a client’s last-minute request, and what do you know — he rearranged his schedule to fit hers instead! 

Told a high-maintenance client that she’d like to do a pre-scheduled weekly meeting instead of all their messy calls and emails — not only did the client accept the request, they said “that would be awesome!” 

Switched a regular client from hourly over to a flat fee in the middle of a project — the client was thrilled and accepted right away! 

Within one week of attending The Go Beyond Intensive, Evelyn:

… ALL IN JUST ONE WEEK after attending The Go Beyond Intensive!

Testimonials and results like Erin and Evelyn’s are exactly why I created The Go Beyond Intensive!

It’s my mission in life to help as many Interior Designers as possible take back their time, reclaim their power as business owners, and scale their businesses beyond their wildest dreams… all while working smarter and not harder.

Here’s how The Go Beyond Intensive plays out:

The Go Beyond Intensive is a LIVE 4-day retreat in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.

Each day runs from about 8:30-5:30, with a few short breaks throughout the day, and a full break for lunch. Breakfast and lunch are both catered by Freshbox — a local small business that serves delicious, healthy food. 

On day 1, you’ll be met with a swag bag full of meticulously chosen items (the contents change every single time, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise but the swag is insane!)

You also receive your own Go Beyond Success Binder filled with over 100+ pages of training materials — everything you’ll need in order to be successful over our 4 days together (and beyond.) You’ll also receive a digital version of the binder, just in case you’re team digital notes over team paper notes.

We start each day with gratitude; you’ll write what you’re grateful for on a gratitude card, read it out loud to the group, and then pop your paper into the gratitude jar. This sets the intention and tone for the day. 

So without further adieux, here’s what you’ll learn each day between gratitude and gold nuggets: 

We finish our days with our gold nugget takeaways; each designer shares their biggest takeaway from the day and one person writes them all down on a flip chart at the front of the room. You can snap a photo of the takeaways, and you receive them in an email the following morning as a reminder, too.

Each designer has a scheduled spotlight session during the 4 days — a 30-minute hot-seat style coaching session where you bring 3 goals to the table. We take your goals and craft a custom 90-day action plan to guarantee you achieve them one step at a time! There’s nothing one-size-fits-all here.

I'm also always available at least 30 minutes before kick-off each day for 1:1 as well as during the breaks. My expertise, strategic guidance, and caring support are 100% yours for the duration of The Go Beyond Intensive. No designer is ever left behind.

You can’t build a house on a shaky foundation — that’s a disaster waiting to happen! So we jump right into renovating your business foundation and making sure that it’s rock solid. This is a crucial first step in going beyond in your business, and you need to build it right!

Day 1 lessons:

✓ Mine the gold in who you are to get everything you want
✓ Defining your zone of genius & refining your irresistible bio
✓ Identifying & defining your hot & buying ideal client
✓ Conversation starters to capture ideal clients
✓ Your design discovery process to guarantee great fit clients
✓ Leveraging a design viability or feasibility package for proposal success

Day 1 - Renovate Your Business Foundation

Day 2 - Restructure Your Rates & Services For More Profit

If you’re still charging hourly for your projects, that’s about to change. On day two, I show you exactly how to make the switch out of charging hourly rates and into charging a flat-fee for your services! This change is what’s going to help you earn more money in less time with less stress — not to mention you’ll never have to waste time chasing your client for money or tracking hours ever again! 

Here’s the kicker: this transition needs to be done properly. If you’ve tried to switch to a flat-fee system in the past and it didn’t work out for you, chances are that you just didn’t do it properly. You’ll learn my 4 methods for pricing flat-fee projects, and decide which ones fit you and your business best. 

Day 2 lessons include: 

✓ Multiply each project investment to maximize profits
✓ How to leverage flat fees for better clients & bigger projects
✓ Master the 10 layers of design to generate more from every project
✓ The right rates to double your revenues

After day 2, your business will never be the same.

On day 3, we usually see tears as we turn inward and go deep. We explore the things that are holding you back, the beliefs you hold about yourself, and do the work to move past these limiting beliefs so that you can truly prosper. You’ll never build a successful business if you sabotage yourself all along the journey. This is the transformative mindset work that will show you a new way to think, a new way to be, and a new path to success!

Day 3 lessons include:

✓ Ditch your imposter syndrome for good
✓ Demystifying your money beliefs
✓ Learn to give yourself permission & approval
✓ Take control of your business & lifestyle investment

And — SURPRISE! We take off for the afternoon and head out on a private tour of the architectural gem and UNESCO heritage site, Taliesin West, the original desert home and school of the legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, my great grandfather. (Not a typo! My mom was his granddaughter, the late academy award-winning actress, Anne Baxter). We follow this historical landmark tour with sunset and sips where you get to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset while looking out across beautiful Scottsdale and Phoenix.

We also get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the excellence and artistry of the world's preeminent glass artist, Dale Chihuly. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Chihuly's extraordinary works among the architecture of my great grandfather. No other Go Beyond group has had the opportunity to experience this exhibit! 

Day 3 - Mindset & Money Makeover

Day 4 - Ignite Your Marketing Engines & Build Your Team

If you’ve ever thought that you need to manage your time better, day 4 is for YOU! Because here’s the thing… You can’t manage time, you can only manage your behaviors around it. (I KNOW, right? That always blows people’s minds).

Part of managing your behaviors around time includes bringing people on board to take some tasks off your plate to free up your time. AND you need to have a marketing system in place that is effective so you can stop wasting your time on things that don’t bring in new business.

Day 4 lessons include:

✓ The 2 types of marketing, how to balance them, and why you must
✓ Your essential social media plan to stop wasting time & see results
✓ How to set monthly & weekly goals so you’re hitting your targets
✓ Dollarizing your day and making tracking numbers fun!

Here’s the long story short: 

At the end of our 4 days together you’ll have a customized step-by-step 90-Day Profit Plan, and you’ll know exactly...

Communicate your value to turn lukewarm prospects into HOT, ready-to-book clients

Use the right language to move your clients from need to WANT

Keep new leads coming in even if you’ve only got a few hours a week to dedicate to marketing

Manage project timelines with undeniable professionalism, even when vendors hit you with delays

Create systems and processes in your business that help you get more done in less time, so you can make more money AND have more time to enjoy it

Outsource, delegate, and build a team that supports your success and frees you up to do the work that you LOVE

Build out high-end design packages that create exciting new opportunities for growth and keep you in your Zone of Genius

how to

You’ll have a crystal clear path forward to reach (and Go Beyond) your wildest business goals, with systems, structure, and processes in place to help you get there. Buh-bye confusion, overwhelm, and throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping it will lead to growth!

You’ll also have a newfound confidence in yourself and your passion for your business will be reignited — nothing will be able to stop you as you focus on revenue-generating activities, raise your prices, build your team, and move forward to crush your goals!

"The Go Beyond Intensive was my transformation into belief in myself and my design ability.

Melisa’s teachings gave me an understanding of my value, the absolute need for organized time, and clarity in each area of successful design."

Jaime Cashier

J Cashier Interiors

Transformation and Clarity

"I had worked with another business coach before. Melissa was far more specific and understands the challenges of building a thriving design practice. Her experience as a designer makes a huge difference. 

She provides simple systems to avoid distractions and stay focused on what works in my business. I attended her Go Beyond Intensive and saw rapid results in my practice. In fact, I think the value of the intensive is 10x the investment. 

I highly recommend that you get Melissa on board as your coach. She will work with you to take your business where you want it to go. She's got the systems, strategy, and solutions, and is supportive in helping you achieve your big goals."



Worth 10x the investment  Get Melissa on board



2x 1:1 private coaching sessions

The first, a Debrief Session, takes place within 2 weeks of The Go Beyond Intensive to make sure you’re staying on track with your new goals. The second, a Momentum Session, takes place within 3 months to check in on where you’re at and strategize how to go even farther. We’ll look at your big goal, assess where you’re at in terms of achieving it, and make a game plan to overcome any obstacles you’re facing. 

My signature weekly emails, normally reserved for private coaching clients, that contain one big business tip, trick, or reminder for you to focus on for the week. Then it’s YOUR turn… Designer on Fire also contains 4 questions for YOU to answer and send my way! Once I receive your answers, I’ll send back personalized words of encouragement for your wins, and strategies for the places you’re stuck. 

3 months of Designer On Fire accountability emails

In addition to your time at the retreat, you also receive: 

The Go Beyond Intensive actually continues far beyond day 4!

And just when you thought this was only a retreat...

This vault contains everything you need to continue to scale your business after Go Beyond, including marketing trainings, letter of agreement templates and checklists, mindset and motivation trainings, social media and team-building trainings, and more. 

3 months of access to my Design Business Mastery Success Vault

Running your own business gets lonely, and it can be hard to make friends when the other designers in your area view you as competition. After every single retreat, without fail, the designers women emerge as “biz besties” and go on to support, encourage, and lift each other up on the journey ahead. The design world is fullllll of mean girls, but you won’t find them here.

A life-long group of business besties

As you can see — the level of support in The Go Beyond Intensive is unparalleled! 

"The experience was so enlightening and fun that I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay and keep learning. I’ve never had such precise next steps to follow to make drastic changes to my biz."

Bridget Ray, Bridget Ray Interiors

Lulu Friedman, Didi Design

"My business is a bit different than others and I was hesitant to engage in the intensive program, but with my goals well defined, Melissa helped me to get to my individualized plan by the end of the week. Now I leave the program with a defined plan, concrete tasks to follow and new designer friends to bounce back ideas for hopefully many years to come. I’m grateful for this experience."

Nylma Laureano, Alabella Interiors

"This has been an instrumental game changer for my business.
What I finally needed to level up."

Debbi Bagby, Homestead

"Go Beyond went way beyond my expectations! Melissa taught valuable strategies and shared valuable resources and solutions to enhance and grow my interior design practice. I also met incredible design professionals that I now call friends. So excited to have the tools to increase my revenue, manage my business and have more personal time."

What others have said about The Go Beyond Intensive:

I personally curate the group at each Go Beyond Intensive. You can be assured there will be no competitors, and that the designers attending will be at a similar place in their business.

Completing the invitation indicates your interest, it does not commit you. Take the next step that can change your design business for the better, forever.

After we connect, if we both feel like The Go Beyond Intensive is the right next move for your business, I will send you everything that you need to move forward and secure your spot.

i'm ready to go beyond!

Go Beyond Ticket

VIP Upgrade

Total Value:
Your Ticket:

Total Value:
Your Ticket:

$6500 value

$240 value

$350 value

$1500 value

$250 value

$1200 value

$600 value

$3000 value


4-day in-person retreat admission

Catered breakfast and lunch

Swag bag of goodies

Go Beyond Success binder and training materials

Tour of Taliesin West, Sunset and Sips

2 Momentum Sessions, 1:1 with Melissa

3 months of Designer On Fire accountability emails

Lifetime access to my Design Business Mastery Success Vault

A life-long group of business besties



Nov 7 thru 10, 2023

A live 4-day coaching retreat in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.




In order to give each designer the attention they and their business deserve, The Go Beyond Intensive is open to 12 designers only per event. Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and fill up quickly. 

If this page is still active, that means there are still spots available! If this feels like the right next move for your business, I encourage you to complete the invitation questionnaire today. Once you complete the questionnaire, you'll receive a prompt reply to schedule a 1:1 with me so we can connect to ensure that The Go Beyond Intensive is the perfect fit for you.

The Go Beyond Intensive is an intimate experience exclusively for 12 Interior Designers only. 

$3000 value

$1800 value

$600 value

$250 value
(+ priceless)

$800 value

$250 value 

$1250 value

90 Days live group coaching on Zoom
bi-weekly with Melissa

3 Momentum Sessions, 1:1 with Melissa

3 extra months of Designer On Fire accountability emails

Private client dinner at high point market
(+ priceless industry connections)

Loom video audit of your website and online marketing channels

3 months of motivational postcards, delivered weekly

25% off admission to future Go Beyond Reunion Mastermind

With the VIP Upgrade, you'll receive everything that's included with the Go Beyond ticket, plus:

Others Have Asked...

Q: Do you offer a money-back guarantee or refunds?
A: No, I do not. Part of being ready to Go Beyond is owning your value, so you better believe I’m owning mine, too. Everything you’ll learn and do in The Go Beyond Intensive is backed by real-world experience and is proven to work. If you show up and do the work, you will have success — period.

Q: Why do I need to fill out an intake form? Why can’t I just sign up?
A: Due to the intimate nature of The Go Beyond Intensive, each designer enjoys a Go Beyond Business Diagnostic to ensure that we're a good fit and to confirm that your business goals align with the outcome of The Go Beyond Intensive. If for any reason it's not the right fit, I'll share alternative resources for your next steps so it's a WIN-WIN either way.

Q: I’ve been in business 5/10/20 years. Is this the right next move for my business?
A: You might notice that I didn’t put down any “years in business” talk on the page, and that’s for a reason — it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business! What matters is that you’re at a point where you’re done accepting the status quo of your business. What matters is that you’re at the point where you’re ready for more and willing to put in the work to achieve more. That doesn’t require any specific number of years in business. I’ve had women 2 years into business, women 20 years into business, and everywhere in between. It’s your determination and drive that show whether or not this is the right move for your business.

Q: I’m a little nervous about the amount of material covered each day. Do people ever fall behind?
A: I won’t lie to you - this is called an intensive for a reason… it is INTENSE! But, what I will tell you is that the energy in the room will keep you going. There are breaks throughout the day to recharge your mind, and free time in the evenings to recuperate. Don’t forget that you also get a 1:1 coaching session with me within 2 weeks of The Go Beyond Intensive so that we can go over anything that you need clarity on. I'm also always available at least 30 minutes before kick-off each day for 1:1 as well as during the breaks. My expertise, strategic guidance, and caring support are 100% yours for the duration of The Go Beyond Intensive. No designer is ever left behind.

Q: Does my ticket include transportation or accommodations?
A: It does not! However, you will be provided with a convenient list of hotels from budget-friendly to luxury. If you stay at one of our recommended hotels, you won't need more than the occasional Uber or Lyft — no rental car required. Phoenix has a great airport just 20-30 minutes away and many hotels offer shuttle service!

What does each day actually look like?















Group Coaching







Gold Nugget Takeaways

DINNER on Your own
or group dinner

Every day is a little bit different because no two days or lessons are the exact same. But here’s what a sample schedule looks like: 




Doubled my revenue without working 2x harder

“Before working with Melissa, so much of my time was gobbled up by home visits with clients who weren't a good fit for me. I was struggling to build my online presence, my business felt completely disorganized, and I knew I was leaving money on the table.
When I joined the Go Beyond Intensive, Melissa was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed to do to reach that elusive next level and gave me a step-by-step game plan for achieving my goals. She equipped me with the documents and templates she uses in her own client process which saved me so much time, plus she showed me how to implement more profitable rate structures that I didn't even know existed.
With the help of Melissa's industry expertise and cut-to-the-chase approach, I've doubled my revenue without working 2x harder and I no longer feel like I'm hiding in my business! I know what I need to prioritize to grow my profits and I finally feel like I’m showing up with a level of confidence that matches my credibility.” 

Sandrine Curnyn


If you’ve made it this far down the page, it means that

But you haven’t scheduled your Discovery Invitation Call yet, so something is holding you back.

I get it. It’s a big leap.

You’ve struggled for so long, and you’ve put everything into your business — hours upon hours (upon hours), so it’s hard to believe that it can be different.

You might be doubting your ability to actually show up and do the work required. You might doubt your ability to move away from hourly billing or give up control and delegate tasks for outsourcing.

You read the testimonials from other women and you think that there must be something special about them, or that their situation must be different than yours, so you won’t have the same success as them.

My friend — if you show up and do the work, you will see a doubling of your revenue in six months, and you’ll be working far less than you ever have.

You deserve that!

And I believe this: If you weren’t ready for that, you would have left this page already.

But you need to have the faith in order to take the next step.

Just like the faith you had in yourself when you finally decided to go all in and start your business.

Just like the faith you had when you followed that spark in your heart and said yes to going after your dreams.

Can you put your faith in yourself, and go all in, just one more time?

If you can…

You                   to take your Interior Design business to the next level.


your discovery invitation!

"I started working with Melissa because I was feeling overwhelmed by the size of the projects I was working on. It was hard for me to get organized and keep up with all of the details. 

Her timeline process made it much simpler and I now create deadlines for every project even when it's 12-24 months out. I do a lot of design/build luxury design. 

I'm also better about getting testimonials and being able to finish each project before the client takes over. Melissa made business fun again and I got back time for family. 

kim regas

regas interiors

Made My Design Business Fun Again




"Before working with Melissa, I was really just running around listening to all this different advice about what to do with my business, how to market myself, etc. It wasn't working at all. 

I was frustrated with my business, depressed, and lost a lot of confidence in myself and my talent. What I got most from her at The Go Beyond Intensive was clarity and a solid plan of action that was tailored to me and my business.

She gave 1000% unfiltered advice and guidance. No BS. Good, bad or ugly, she was open and honest. I can't tell you how much that helped snap me out of my depression and into action."

No BS, I got clarity and a solid action plan!

Before you go, I have one final question for you...

Stay stuck in the stressful grind of your Interior Design business, working evenings and weekends, missing out on precious time with your family, doubting your abilities, always scrambling around, and never really moving forward… 

(exclusively for 12 ambitious designers)


The choice is officially up to you.

Would You Rather...

Go Beyond?

you're invited, explore the fit